Azteq vs. The Prowler

Azteq vs. The Prowler by Lucha Comics

This is the official adaptation of Azteq vs The Prowler – an upcoming feature length film that revives the Lucha Libre genre and combines it with a slasher! Filming is underway in Dallas, so be sure to check in soon as wrestling stars Aski The Mayan Warrior, Mike Knox, Michael Tarver and more lend their talents to this awesome project!

A very limited amount of print copies are available, signed by writer Roberto Mercado – so be sure to get yours now!

30 Days of Aski – Day 3

30 Days of Aski – Day 3: Ancient Mayan warriors trained in combat, psychology, camouflage, swimming, medicine and more…

30 Days of Aski - Day 3


Article Keywords: 30 Days of Aski – Day 2

30 Days of Aski – Day 2

30 Days of Aski – Day 2: Our preview of Aski: Rumble in the Lost Temple continues. Learn how this story started over 2,000 years ago…

30 Days of Aski - Day 2


Article Keywords: 30 Days of Aski – Day 2

Aski: Rumble in the Lost Temple

Decades ago, millions around the world, and particularly in Mexico and Latin America, were thrilled by the exploits of the original masked superheroes: Luchadores. These masked Mexican wrestlers sold out arenas through Latin America, and stars like Blue Demon became cultural icons, transcending the sport of Lucha Libre (Mexican professional wrestling) to TV and Film. Their adventures soon carried over into another popular medium: comic books (or historietas as they are known in Mexico).

Comic books like the one below became cultural staples, and would have runs in the decades, that rival those of today’s most popular superheroes. It was not that long ago that Blue Demon was a bigger household name than Spider-Man in Latin America.

la leyenda de blue demon

Together with the creative talents of Roberto Mercado, Lucha Comics is finally ready to live up to its name. With Roberto and his team, including Aski The Mayan Warrior, we are ready to bring this genre back, and for the first time, make it readily available in English. Those that have read wrestling comics of the past will instantly feel at home in our first Lucha Libre title, Aski: Rumble in the Lost Temple.

The revival of the historieta by Roberto Mercado begins here. What dangers await Mexican wrestling sensation Aski in the jungles of Yucatan?

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Article Keywords: Aski: Rumble in the Lost Temple by Roberto Mercado

Aski; Rumble in the Lost Temple