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Lucha Comics - Super Yeiya - Featured Panel - Aurora vs Sashi

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Miki must stand up for herself when she has withstood enough of her malicious coworkers taking advantage of her.

A healing retreat with her best friend, Ana, instead brings Miki more trouble when Ana reveals a monstrous path to revenge that involves a particular carnivorous diet that she’s not sure she’ll be able to stomach…

Lucha Comics - The Adventures of Super Yeiya & Tornado Man

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Lucha Comics - Super Yeiya - Featured Panel - Aurora vs Sashi

USUD - a slavic horror tale by Lucha Comics

Lucha Comics - Macbeth Header

Lucha Comics - The Fight We Never Saw - Teofilo Stevenson Approaches the Ring

Ali vs. Stevenson. USA vs. Cuba at the height of the Cold War.
The Heavyweight Champion vs. The Olympic Gold Medallist.

Finally, this fight will happen.

Lucha Comics - Thrill Rider Feature

Lucha Comics - Indios de Corazon

Esta serie es la verdadera historia de Roberto Mercado,
quien fue Batboy del equipo Puerto Riquense
de beisbol famosos, Indios de Mayagüez,
durante su temporada del milagro.

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