Yesterday, I had the chance to talk a little bit about our most recent title, The Kursk. I’ve read it quite a few times now that we working to translate it into Spanish and Simplified Chinese, and everytime I do read it, I find it to be impactful. While I am a longtime Batman fan, I do find it far easier to connect with more “real” characters, like Yorrick Brown, and of course the crew of the doomed K-141 Kursk.

Named after the Russian City of Kursk, in which the largest tank battle in history took place in 1943. One of the first Russian submarines completed after the end of Cold War, it would soon be integrated into the Northern Fleet.

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Here’s your preview of Page 1, enjoy, and stay tuned for 30 Days of The Kursk !

The Kursk #1 Page 1 Preview

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30 Days of The Kursk – Day 2

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