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Why I Had to Launch a Comic Book Publisher

I love comic books – they constantly amaze me, and take me to new and impossible worlds. Now I’d like to tell you about why I had to launch a comic book publisher. Yes, why. Sure it’s enough to love something, to turn it into an expensive hobby, and let it consume a lot of your free time. But it takes a special kind of crazy to look at juggernauts like Marvel and DC and think to yourself “how hard can it be?”. Well, here are just a few reasons (and I am sure that I can think of so many more).

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Up The Trail #1A – Lucha Comics

1882 – this is Texas. Our hero would have been content becoming a store clerk, but it looks like fate has something else in mind…

After a successful run with The Kursk 1 and 2, James A. Bretney has brought his next big story to Lucha Comics – Up The Trail. An old school, straight up Western, this is definitely for those that have had their fill of capes and zombies, but still need a bit of action in their comic book reading. With great art and an absolutely stunning cover, James and I have decided to make this available to our fans for only $.99! That’s right, the first chapter of Up The Trail is only $.99! There’s no reason not to go enjoy it right now!

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Up The Trail #1A Cover - Lucha Comics

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