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  • What goes into a graphic novel?

    What goes into a graphic novel?

    It’s a lot more work than you might think. If you’ve never put together a comic books or graphic novel before, it is pretty easy to underestimate the time, effort and resources that go into getting a book market ready.

  • Thoughts from a Lucha Comics Intern

    Thoughts from a Lucha Comics Intern

    Hi everyone! My name is Grace, and I’m a 1st year business student at Western. As a freshman, I was eager to get my hands on any opportunities that seemed interesting, so when Pre-Business Student’s Network posted applications for an internship program, I didn’t hesitate to apply!

  • 10 Things That Our Kickstarter Campaign Taught Me

    10 Things That Our Kickstarter Campaign Taught Me

    (Thankfully, we weren’t doomed 🙂 ***Update: If you are reading this, you may not now about our latest kickstarter project, which you can view here – Macbeth: The Red King***Late last year, we took a big leap and launched our first crowdfunding campaign via kickstarter. It was perhaps the most stressful experience I’ve had in…

  • Dear Bleeding Cool: Thank You!

    Dear Bleeding Cool: Thank You!

    The story of Lucha Comics, and our kickstarter for The Kursk made it to bleeding cool! Check it out here…

  • Comic Books Are Going Digital.

    Comic Books Are Going Digital.

    This is probably the question that I get asked the most, day in, day out. Not just by creators that want to publish with me, but by fellow comic book fans, and even outsiders who, while they have little interest in comic books, find their distribution (both physical and in print) to be interesting from…

  • Why I Had to Launch a Comic Book Publisher

    Why I Had to Launch a Comic Book Publisher

    I love comic books – they constantly amaze me, and take me to new and impossible worlds. Now I’d like to tell you about why I had to launch a comic book publisher. Yes, why. Sure it’s enough to love something, to turn it into an expensive hobby, and let it consume a lot of…

  • To the Crew of the K-141 Kursk

    14 years ago today, The Kursk Disaster hit the media outlets. In memory of 118 brave souls that were lost with their ship, I would like to share Sasha Janowicz’ afterword for The Kursk #1. In August 2000 The News of The Kursk disaster exploded on the network channels around the world and I, like…

  • Almost There! Part 2

    Ok, so hopefully you read Part 1 of Almost there! and learned how Lucha Comics will be a real thing in a matter of days, so I just wanted to touch on the professional path that brought me here in Almost There! Part 2. 9. Customer Service Guy It was time to move away from…

  • Almost There!

    Lucha Comics is coming along nicely; I am happy to announce that we should have our first creator owned content in a matter of days! This is an exciting time, and honestly I am a bit nervous since I really don’t know much about the comic book industry 🙂 However, I do know business and…

  • So, how did I launch a Comic Book Publisher?

    If you read my last blog post, you’ve basically surmised that someone who reads lots of comics and can’t draw worth anything has decided to enter the business. Yeah, seriously. So, I have the ambition, some business background and tons and TONS of comics in my basement that my wife keeps threatening to get rid…