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Lucha Comics - The Adventures of Super Yeiya and Tornado Man - children's comic book

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Featured Title: USUD.

A new horror tale by Zdravko Jandric, inspired by Slavic mythology. “Fate is a funny thing. We all have it.”

Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Lucha Comics - The Adventures of Super Yeiya & Tornado Man

Super Yeiya & Tornado Man

Aurora and Sashi are just two regular, Latinx kids – that is until a crazy event changes their lives forever!


After her starship breaks up in space, Lorena is DEAD. She awakens in an alien heaven, and sets out on a journey to reach home.

Lucha Comics - Azteq vs Prowler

Azteq vs. Prowler

Azteq faces his deadliest battle yet – outside of the squared circle. Lucha Libre fans: don’t miss this horror + wrestling mashup!

Lucha Comics - Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts

Our story begins in 15th Century Japan. As Buddha said, sinful desires lead to nothing but suffering. 

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Fate is a funny thing. We all have it. Even these three idiots. What will they unleash on the world?

Lucha Comics - Thrill Rider - Thumbnail 600px

Thrill Rider

Scott returns home from his military service to find his family’s amusement park on the brink of closure. An offer to save the park isn’t what it seems…

Lucha Comics - The Fight We Never Saw - 600px Thumbnail

The Fight We Never Saw

Tony McDougall brings a boxing historical what-if to Lucha Comics. Finally, Ali will face Stevenson!

Lucha Comics - Indios de Corazon - Thumbnail 600px

Indios de Corazon

Esta es la verdadera historia de Roberto Mercado, Batboy del equipo Puerto Riquense de beisbol Indios de Mayagüez, durante su temporada del milagro.

Lucha Comics - Macbeth: The Red King - A New History

Macbeth: The Red King

Macbeth: The Red King is not a re-telling of the Shakespeare classic, but rather a new history of the famous Scottish king.