Undiscovered Stories – Going Behind the Scenes with Lucha Comics

  • New Release: Macbeth: The Red King

    New Release: Macbeth: The Red King

    Macbeth: The Red King is not a re-telling of the Shakespeare classic, but rather a new history of the famous Scottish king. This book is not only for comic fans, but can be a great tool to help educators and students create a visual introduction to some of the greatest literature in our history.

  • Update


    I am writing this post to address the events that began to unfold a couple of days ago on twitter. What started as an expression of freedom of speech quickly became ugly, as one of our creators chose to cross a line.

  • Azteq vs. The Prowler

    Azteq vs. The Prowler

    This is the official adaptation of Azteq vs The Prowler – an upcoming feature length film that revives the Lucha Libre genre and combines it with a slasher! Filming is underway in Dallas, so be sure to check in soon as wrestling stars Aski The Mayan Warrior, Mike Knox, Michael Tarver and more lend their…

  • 10 Things That Our Kickstarter Campaign Taught Me

    10 Things That Our Kickstarter Campaign Taught Me

    (Thankfully, we weren’t doomed 🙂 ***Update: If you are reading this, you may not now about our latest kickstarter project, which you can view here – Macbeth: The Red King***Late last year, we took a big leap and launched our first crowdfunding campaign via kickstarter. It was perhaps the most stressful experience I’ve had in…

  • Hungry Ghosts #1

    15th Century Japan – as Buddha said, human desire leads to nothing but suffering. Our story begins…

  • Jinn Warriors Volume 1 – The Devil’s War

    This gripping “Reality-Based Fantasy” is best described as Lord of the Rings meets The Devil’s Advocate. It is where history, as well as the future of humanity, are examined under Islamic and Biblical light, in an effort to comprehend the nature of the Devil, his minions, and plans for the demise of Humanity.

  • Faded Memories #2

    When you’re lost with no way home, every step could be your last. This is a lesson our two mysterious protagonists learned quickly, as they make their way through unfamiliar and unforgiving territory.

  • Dear Bleeding Cool: Thank You!

    Dear Bleeding Cool: Thank You!

    The story of Lucha Comics, and our kickstarter for The Kursk made it to bleeding cool! Check it out here…

  • Guestblog: Ian Yarrington ComicBooked.com

    Guestblog: Ian Yarrington ComicBooked.com

    I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, a den for everything comic book related, and of course that meant that I fell in love with everything comic book related.  I remember watching Batman and X-Men cartoons on TV, sprinkled in between classics like GI Joe, Transformers, and Thundercats.  As time has gone by our culture along with…

  • The Kursk: Collected Edition

    The graphic novel adaptation of Sasha Janowicz’ award winning play is now available in its entirety! The K-141 Kursk, Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine and pride of a rejuvenated Russian Navy, has sunk in the Barents Sea. A frantic rescue effort begins to rescue 118 Brave souls.

Do you know of any undiscovered stories that we should know about?

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