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  • The Kursk #4

    *Be sure to pick up The Kursk #1-3 before reading this!*

  • Faded Memories #1

    There are no bigger rivals than heaven and hell. If you have to have everything, you could very well end up with nothing.

  • Por el Sendero #1A – Lucha Comics

    1882 – Esto es Texas. Nuestro héroe se imaginaba una vida conduciendo una diligencia, o tal vez trabajando en una tienda. Pero el destino le ha traído algo diferente…

  • Blaze of Glory #1A

    Blaze of Glory #1A

    Blaze of Glory is James A. Bretney’s latest work – the story of Mack, a veteran of two Iraq Wars. In issue #1A we see Mack’s Baptism by fire, and begin to learn about the toll of war. As a special preview, here is James A. Bretney’s afterword:

  • Aski: Rumble in the Lost Temple

    Decades ago, millions around the world, and particularly in Mexico and Latin America, were thrilled by the exploits of the original masked superheroes: Luchadores. These masked Mexican wrestlers sold out arenas through Latin America, and stars like Blue Demon became cultural icons, transcending the sport of Lucha Libre (Mexican professional wrestling) to TV and Film.…

  • The Kursk #3

    The Kursk #3

    *Be sure to pick up The Kursk #1 before reading this!* The graphic novel adaptation of Sasha Janowicz’ award winning play continues! The K-141 Kursk, Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine and pride of a rejuvenated Russian Navy, has sunk in the Barents Sea. A frantic rescue effort continues. Can the Russian Navy save its…

  • Comic Books Are Going Digital.

    Comic Books Are Going Digital.

    This is probably the question that I get asked the most, day in, day out. Not just by creators that want to publish with me, but by fellow comic book fans, and even outsiders who, while they have little interest in comic books, find their distribution (both physical and in print) to be interesting from…

  • Why I Had to Launch a Comic Book Publisher

    Why I Had to Launch a Comic Book Publisher

    I love comic books – they constantly amaze me, and take me to new and impossible worlds. Now I’d like to tell you about why I had to launch a comic book publisher. Yes, why. Sure it’s enough to love something, to turn it into an expensive hobby, and let it consume a lot of…

  • Mine

    What is the price of a man’s soul? When we steal from others what gets taken from us? Will John Steely’s greed get the best of him and doom him to a fate worse then death, or will he be able to break the curse of his avarice?

  • Reality #1 – Lucha Comics

    In a world of social media, gossip, instant news updates and the next big show, imagine something beyond your wildest dreams – a Reality show that creates new Superheroes! From the mind of Tony McDougall comics Reality, an awesome homage to 90’s comics blended perfectly with today’s social media culture. Accompanied by Ashley Green and…

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