The Kursk #4

*Be sure to pick up The Kursk #1-3 before reading this!*

The graphic novel adaptation of Sasha Janowicz’ award winning play concludes! The K-141 Kursk, Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine and pride of a rejuvenated Russian Navy, has sunk in the Barents Sea. A frantic rescue effort has failed. 118 Brave souls give their lives to the sea. Now, all that is left is to bury the dead and mend the living.

The Kursk #1 was praised for art by Andrea Montano and her fearless expression in this macabre political thriller. The Kursk #2 brought us closer to the events that happened on August 12th, 2000. The Kursk #3 showed us the frantic effort to rescue Russia’s brave sailors. Now, all that is left is sorrow.

In 2010, Australia nominated Sasha Janowicz’s play for the Helpmann Awards for Performing Arts. Sasha won the 2007 Bell Award for Best New Play, and three Matilda Awards – Best New Australian Play, Best Direction, and Best Independent Production.

Lucha Comics is proud to be able to bring this fantastic story to yet another powerful medium, and our team is thrilled that we can finally tell The Kursk in its entirety. Simply click below to purchase The Kursk #4 on your preferred platform:


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