Why I Love Comics

For nearly 40 years I have read & collected comic books (I’m not THAT old though, I did start reading young!). I was immediately drawn to the art, the stories and the characters. Like most kids, I began with licensed comics (a lot of Marvel’s Star line: Thundercats, Healthcliffe, stuff like that) and eventually graduated to titles like Batman, Superman and Uncanny X-Men. I would collect and read regularly for years, dedicating my free time and money to an industry I still love.

We all know that with great power comes great responsibility, so when things like going to university, getting married, the lean financial times that young couples go through, and having kids happened, it wasn’t always easy to keep up. But comic books never went away for me. They were always my go to, and something that I knew that I would enjoy reading for the rest of my life. During tough times they were a welcome distraction, and like my favourite novels, I found that I could always go back to enjoy them over and over again.

In 2013 I was feeling a bit directionless, and knew that I wanted to keep reading comics but I was exhausted by getting the same things repeatedly from the big 2. I wanted new stories, new experiences, for people who loved comics but knew that sometimes they could be a bit different.

So, I did something that I really didn’t want to do – sell my Walking Dead collection (insert crying emoji here) and used the funds to hire a graphic designer to create our logo, and invested in bringing some titles from South Korea and translating them into English for the very first time. These books were gorgeous, but as an inexperienced publisher I really didn’t have the knowledge to sell these books.

(artwork from Boom – the very first ever comic book we released in partnership with Blue Wolf of South Korea)

When I launched, I thought “how hard can publishing comic books be?”. It turns out, really hard. And expesnive. But it is so very rewarding. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with talented people who I can call friends, and to give back to something I love. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give back as much as comic books have given me, but dammit, I’m going to try.

So I’ve given you the how, but what about the why? Really, I lvoe comics because they are accessible to anyone who is open minded to them. They create fantastic worlds, and when done right, great characters that we can identify with and that become real to us. It’s easy for non-fans to look at comic books and say that they are immature, or not real stories, or trash, but for those that are willing and open-minded, they are art.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to give even a sliver of this feeling back to our readers, and we’re going to keep trying with every new release.

– Rodolfo, still that Lucha Comics guy.

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