The Adventures of Super Yeiya & Tornado Man

Lucha Comics - Super Yeiya Issue #1 Thumbnail

Written by the Martinez Family, with fantastic artwork by Andrea Montano!

Aurora & Sashi are two ordinary, Latinx kids. Today, something incredible will change their lives forever, and set them on the path to becoming the world’s greatest superheroes!

This series is available in both English & Spanish.
Lucha Comics - The Adventures of Super Yeiya & Tornado Man

Aurora & Sashi grew up loving tales of Superheroes – but they never thought that they could become real life heroes! Granted special abilities by a bizarre event, Aurora and Sashi have to find their way in the world not only as kids growing up, but learning to use their powers for good! They won’t be able to do this alone, but fortunately their super-powered friends will be around to help.

Be sure to read and see as Super Yeiya, Tornado Man, Dolphin Girl, and The Unbreakable Shield meet their very first enemy – the Lucha Flors!