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  • New Release: Macbeth: The Red King

    New Release: Macbeth: The Red King

    Macbeth: The Red King is not a re-telling of the Shakespeare classic, but rather a new history of the famous Scottish king. This book is not only for comic fans, but can be a great tool to help educators and students create a visual introduction to some of the greatest literature in our history.

  • The Kursk #3

    The Kursk #3

    *Be sure to pick up The Kursk #1 before reading this!* The graphic novel adaptation of Sasha Janowicz’ award winning play continues! The K-141 Kursk, Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine and pride of a rejuvenated Russian Navy, has sunk in the Barents Sea. A frantic rescue effort continues. Can the Russian Navy save its…

  • Why I Had to Launch a Comic Book Publisher

    Why I Had to Launch a Comic Book Publisher

    I love comic books – they constantly amaze me, and take me to new and impossible worlds. Now I’d like to tell you about why I had to launch a comic book publisher. Yes, why. Sure it’s enough to love something, to turn it into an expensive hobby, and let it consume a lot of…

  • Stay

    Stay *This Comic Book will be available for purchase very soon! Be sure to follow @LuchaComics for updates on this, and our other titles! An epic, ancient battle, fueled by … the writer’s block of a young man spending too much time on the toilet? Yeah, this is a different story, but one that will…