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Written by Rodolfo Martinez

May 5, 2018

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Once again, we owe our fans a huge thank you, because you helped to make our kickstarter campaign for Macbeth: The Red King a success.  There were a few times where I was sweating, but honestly our existing and new fans really stepped up, and we comfortably hit our goal in the home stretch. 

Obviously, this was a big team effort, with Shaun Manning putting in 110% effort as always, and Lys Galati from Sphinx PR brought together some great strategy to ensure success.  Honestly, if you are thinking of starting a comic book kickstarter, don’t cheap out on PR, and definitely get in touch with Lys to get an honest opinion on your book.  All that was needed was some design polish, which Allyson Haller provided in spades.  With her previous experience in putting together projects for publishers such as Dark Horse, she really helped to elevate Shaun’s already incredible work to the next level.

Finally, we needed to add a special touch to really make our book memorable.  Our print shop, McNaughton & Gunn really went above and beyond, and got us to our final product – a beautiful, oversized graphic novel.

I really hope that you enjoyed your copy of Macbeth: The Red King.  If you missed out, don’t worry! Just click here and get your copy today.

Thanks again, and we can’t wait to bring our next great story to you!


Rodolfo Martinez

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